Geometric DFMPro 9 – On average around the world, 30% of product development and production time is spent on design optimization. However, this time you can focus on manufacturing and assembling the product, minimizing costs and time to market.

HCL Technologies’ DFM Pro software provides engineering tools to help designers optimize their product models and troubleshoot potential problems and defects. The plug-in automatically controls all duplicate processes in the design process according to specific rules and informs the designer of design points that are difficult to identify or costly and inaccessible.

This software is installed only on the Siemens PLMNX ​​software. Other than the simplest parts and products, DFM can contain many rules that are difficult to remember and time consuming to verify. Design reviews take expert time. If a part fails a design review, it will be returned to the designer for redesign. This rework is time consuming and costly. Enter DFM software such as

Geometric Global’s DFM Pro. DFMPro is a DFM tool that runs on CAD software (Creo Parametric (formerly Pro / ENGINEER), Dassault Systemes SolidWorks, Siemens NX, NX Series). The

DFMPro acts like a spell checker for CAD designs, providing quick reviews of numerous design rules to improve the manufacturability of parts and assemblies and reduce manufacturing costs. It comes with a variety of manuals, guidelines and over 100 configurable rules by DFM experts. You can customize the application and add more.
DFMPro automatically recognizes the most important features of the CAD structure. You don’t have to tell him where the ribs and shelves are. It finds it on its own.

Here are some key features of “Geometric DFMPro”:

  • Compatible with Siemens PLM NX industrial design software
  • Identify and identify defects in the design
  • Correct design defects without having to leave the main software environment
  • Reduce file transfer time using standard formats such as IGES and STP
  • Easy integration with PLM, ERP and MES systems
  • Create 3D and 2D interactive reports for easier analysis
  • Publish reports in formats such as HTML, Excel and eDrawings Publisher

System Requirement

  • Supported NX Version:
    – NX 2007 Series
    – NX 1980 Series
    – NX 1953 Series
    – NX 1926 Series
    – NX 1899 Series
    – NX 1872 Series
    – NX 1847 Series
  • Supported FlexLM Version  
    – Upgraded supported FlexLM version to 11.17.0   

    Important Notes:   
    – From DFMPro for NX v9.0 release, we are providing NX 2007 Series support.
    – NX 18xx series supportwill be discontinued from the next release.
    – DFMPro for NX old user interface support will be discontinued from the next release.   

  • Supported Microsoft Windows Operating Systems:
    – 64 ‐ bit version of Windows Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • RAM:
    – 4 GB minimum
    – 8 GB or more recommended
  • Diskspace:
    – 4 GB minimum
    – 10 GB of more recommended

Download Geometric DFMPro

Download Here



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