iC3D Suite 8.0.5 is the first fast design software for packaging packages that allows you to create 3D digital mockups including cartons, labels, packages and folding covers, bottles, etc. Be. Other available software in this field have separated the design of different packaging models from each other and this has caused that in most cases the user has to use different software to design different packaging models, but iC3D is It has made it possible to design all your packaging items in one software and combine them with each other. This software uses Smart Mesh technology, which allows your packages and labels to be placed correctly on the surface of the models without the need for UVW texture mapping.

iC3D is the first real-time, all-in-one package design software that lets you generate live 3D digital mockups on-the-fly, including cartons, labels, flexibles, bottles, shrink wraps and in-store visualization. Other software applications frustratingly separate design applications into specific model types. iC3D encompasses all these and more, allowing these elements to be seamlessly combined in the same scene.

iC3D is the first 3D packaging visualization software to offer patented Smart Mesh which allows labels and artwork to be instantly slid over models without needing tedious UVW texture co-ordinate mapping. Quickly design and generate asymmetric 3D models such as perfume bottles, trigger sprays and molded containers using iC3D’s unique Shape Modeller feature.

Here are some key features of “iC3D Suite 8.0.5”:

  • visualization of product packaging design ideas
  • design of labels and flexible packaging with minimal cost and time
  • integrated with Adobe Illustrator and other Adobe software
  • design of three-dimensional models Next, asymmetric, such as bottles and spray cans
  • high resolution output preparation
  • final design print
  • creating a PDF output file from the final model and displaying all aspects of the 3D model
  • Smart Mesh technology

System Requirement

  • Windows 8 and 10, 11

Download iC3D Suite 8.0.5

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