Album TD 4.4.0 – Photo albums are a reminder of the sweet memories of life. With the spread of digital cameras, photos and paper albums have replaced video and digital files stored on the system. Therefore, one of the ways to collect and record images related to sweet memories of life, such as weddings, is to make a beautiful and attractive digital album of your favorite photos. Album TD software is like a wedding album for creating a virtual photo album that helps you design a digital album as beautifully as possible by providing various tools, layers, backgrounds, clip art, etc.

The intuitive user interface of this software allows you to do the entire process of designing your album easily by dragging and dropping and moving images easily and manually. It is enough to first choose a new design and format from among the items available in the software and then drag your desired photos into the software, resize them, rotate them, and change the position of the photos with each other or between different pages. Place a photo between other photos, and easily make other necessary changes and adjustments while designing.

From Album DS creators, the album design software for Photoshop, a new tool has been developed: Album Turbo Design. All the drag-and-drop power at the album design service, our new design engine will instantly create the layout both for panoramic sheets and double paged. Attractive and modern designs you can modify to suit your style. With Album Turbo Design, you can design a wedding album, communion, baptism, senior, etc.; any album theme with awesome layouts in seconds.

Here are some key features of “Album TD 4.4.0”:

  • Digital album design
  • Selection of background, clip art, intervals, borders, etc.
  • Ability to extract output results in PSD format and transfer them to Photoshop for further editing and retouching
  • Automatic alignment of images
  • The possibility of designing all pages at once
  • the possibility of dragging and dropping images in the desired position
  • the possibility of moving, resizing, and rotating photos
  • creating wedding albums, celebrations, etc.

System Requirement

  • Windows 8 and 10, 11

Download Album TD 4.4.0

Download Here



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