NBP ColourmapX 1 is a Photoshop plugin for analyzing, extracting, and selecting colors. This plugin, as a panel in Photoshop, is able to analyze each image and create a color palette of various color examples.

You can specify how many color samples are extracted and added to the palette. One of the attractions of this plugin is the ability to save palettes and apply gradient maps to your images, which is set in Photoshop using a layer.

When you want to inspire the colors in the various images and use it in your photo , this plugin will help you create a custom palette of colors in the images.

Here are some key features of “NBP ColourmapX Plug-in for Photoshop v1.0.3”:

  • Analyze and extract the palette of colors from a single image
  • Extract the color palette from the images you inspired and apply it in your image
  • Select from 1 to 10 sample color subjects for extraction
  • Organize the sample subjects accordingly Value
  • automatic transfer of colors extracted to color palettes to specify minor variations
  • move and move colored samples around, to customize your extracted palette before applying the change
  • manual move and move any custom color to customize Extract Pallets
  • Automatically apply gradient maps to images from pallets extracted with Use the default “light light” combination
  • apply any number of gradient maps from many palettes in any desired image.
  • Option to keep highlights and shadows in your gradient maps in settings
  • All layers of graphic settings applied after creating
  • Save palettes as default settings for reuse
  • Perfect function for file 8-bit and 16-bit RGB

System Requirement

  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 and up

Download NBP ColourmapX Plug-in for Photoshop v1.0.3

Download Here



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