Rocket 3F 1.6 Pro is a software for Polygonal modeling, which enables designers and artisans to create conceptual art in the form of unique designs. Modeling with the help of this software is like design, which makes it simple and at the same time attractive to work with.

The Rocket 3F provides all the tools you need to start designing and sculpting, and also provides you with a large book of materials and materials from MatCaps to help you design your polygon and geometry shapes. Create and edit. In addition, the fast rendering capability allows you to instantly view your project output instantaneously.

Here are some key features of “Rocket 3F v1.6 Pro”:

  • Polygonal modeling
  • Conceptual art designs
  • Immediate rendering
  • Change the amount of folds without the need to create many extra edges
  • Brushes such as Move, Tull, Inflate, Pinch and …
  • A collection of unique tools
  • A huge book of materials
  • High-speed modeling
  • Includes 4 inspirational themes
  • Ability to create custom themes
  • Very unique user interface with the ability to perform all operations with the button only The mouse

System Requirement

  • OS : Windows 7, 64 or 32bit
    Tips :Rocket 3F can run on any Hardware, the faster Hardware you have the faster Rocket 3F will be!

Download Rocket 3F 1.6 Pro

Download Here



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