Pipe Flow Expert 2016 v7.40

Pipe Flow Expert 2016 v7.40


Pipe Flow Expert 2016 v7.40 is the product of a company by the same name, specialized software used by plumbing system designers and hydraulic engineers in more than 100 countries. This software is able to calculate the flow rate, pipe pressure drop and pump performance. The software is also capable of modeling a variety of piping systems with multiple supply points, discharge tanks, components, valves and multiple series pumps, saving time and money on design and related analysis. The Expert version of this software is the most complete editing of the software so that it can define up to 1000 pips and has all the capabilities of the Wizard and Advisor version.

Here are some key Features of “Pipe Flow Expert 2016 v7.40” :

  • specialized software for modeling piping systems and piping
  • perform a variety of calculations, hydraulic, piping, such as pressure and flow rate
  • Modeling tanks, drains, valves, components and other components of the system
  • calculated Reynolds numbers, factors of friction, Output Pressure, Energy Consumption, etc.
  • Drawing a complete piping map with the final pressure of each section
  • Grid output of systems designed in Excel format
  • Verification of computation results in accordance with standards
  • Numerical simulation of design components to increase speed
  • Reliable The results are close to and Location
  • Compatibility with other piping design software

System Requirement

  • Operating Systems:
    – Microsoft® Windows 10 (All Versions)
    – Microsoft® Windows 8 (all versions except RT)
    – Microsoft® Windows 7 (all versions)
    – Microsoft® Windows Vista (all versions)
    – Microsoft® Windows XP (all versions) 
  • Processor:
    – 1.00 GHz or faster CPU 
  • Memory (RAM):
    – 2 GB or higher 
  • Screen Display:
    – 1024 x 768 pixels (minimum resolution)
    – 1920 x 1080 pixels (or higher recommended) 
  • Graphics (RAM):
    – 128 MB or higher 
  • Hard Disk:
    – 60 Mb install (250 Mb free space recommended)


Pipe Flow Expert 2016 v7.40

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