HDR Light Studio Tungsten 6 software allows 3D-based artists to have a studio or virtual environment (HDR) of light and effects around their objects or scenes. The HDR is derived from the words of the High Dynamic Range and is a set of techniques that allows you to store a wide range of brightness levels in an image. With this software, you have the effect of reflecting and lighting the HDR image on your scene or object. 3D artists and professional designers around the world have taken HDR Light Studio, as their lifelike tools, for their high-end capabilities, including time saving, quality enhancement, Creating a creative environment. HDR Light Studio empowers 3D artists by enabling them to create virtual studio lighting and effects around an object for perfect reflections and illumination. It even adds existing HDRI maps with additional light sources and can make local adjustments to exposure, color and saturation all in real time

3D artists and the graphics professionals from the global corporations have adopted HDR Light Studio as their default lighting tool with good reason:

Save time
Real-time feedback on your lighting design allows objects to be lit in minutes not hours. Plus, the final render will also be calculated faster using a single HDRI for most or all of the lighting. And the HDR Light Studio v3 version is faster than ever; just ask the professionals – these time savings add up!

Raise the quality
HDR Light Studio is the best lighting tool for 3D artists and CGI professionals. Time spent on lighting design and render times, allowing professionals more time to spend on the creative process. In turn, this results in more of our users producing industry-leading imagery.

Creative freedom
HDR Light Studio is capable of a wide range of lighting effects not possible with traditional CG lights or emitters. The image-based lighting of HDR Light Studio can replicate direct and indirect lighting effects – Put simply, it’s possible to replicate both looking at the light source or the effects of a light source.

Improve on reality
HDR Light Studio can significantly enhance existing HDR environments, making them more dynamic and efficient in bringing out the character of an object. HDR Light Studio makes it easy to add studio lighting and make adjustments to any existing HDR environment.

Total compatibility
HDR images are a completely portable way to light an object. They work in 99% of renderers and you can even switch renderers and the HDR lighting environment will still work as expected. It’s a small wonder that HDR lighting is the choice of 3D and CGI artists around the world.

Here are some key Features of “HDR Light Studio Tungsten v6.1.0.2019.0426” :

  • Have a studio or virtual environment (HDR) of light and effects around your objects or scenes.
  • Save time.
  • Provide a creative environment.
  • Improve quality.
  • Support. New blend modes: Saturation, Color, Amplify, Solid, Add
  • Use of virtual lights in the HDR image to further control the scene
  • Use of virtual lights in the HDR photo to further control the scene
  • Use Color Gradient to change colors. Lights or add colors to the lights

System Requirement

  • Requirements: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit)


HDR Light Studio Tungsten v6.1.0.2019.0426

Download Here


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