GeometryWorks 3D Features 19 is a plug-in that provides functional levels and curves with an intuitive geometric interface for SolidWorks software . The GW3DfeaturesGW3D has the ability to construct surfaces and curves that combine the curvature rate from one surface to the next. GW3Dfeatures can create spine-driven entities, which allow more control over the construction of reciprocating surfaces, hybrid surfaces, and deviant curves through these columns. The GW3Dfeatures interface, as well as the SOLIDWORKS software menus, is intuitive and user-friendly, and this makes it easy to learn GW3D.

GeometryWorks3D efficiently and accurately creates a wide variety of different surface and curve types, all with a consistent geometrically intuitive interface.
GW3Dfeatures includes the ability to create blended surfaces and curves with 3rd order continuity (G3). This makes it possible to blend surfaces and curves so that the rate of change of curvature is maintained from one surface to the next.
GW3Dfeatures can create spine-driven entities. Spines allow additional control over the creation of sweep surfaces, blend surfaces, and offset curves.
The GW3Dfeatures user interface is identical to the menus in SOLIDWORKS in their look and user interaction. This makes it easy to learn GW3D and gives it a familiar look and feel.

Here are some key Features of “GeometryWorks 3D Features v19.0.4” :

  • Maintaining curvature continuity at levels and curves combined (G3 Continuity feature)
  • Create column objects to control compound levels and curve deviation rates
  • Have a proper interface

System Requirement

  • Software Prerequisites : SolidWorks 2019


GeometryWorks 3D Features v19.0.4

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