Deltares Wanda 4 powerful and user-friendly program for hydraulic design, control and optimization of pipeline systems. WANDA consists of 2 calculation modes (Engineering and Transient) and 4 modules (Liquid, Heat, Multi-species transport and Control). The user can then access the mods and modules through the user interface. The Transient mode is used for unsteady (transient) analysis of the pipeline system. This mode allows you to analyze incidents such as pump trips and valve closures. The Engineering mode is used for steady state analysis of the pipeline system. This mode allows you to perform common activities in the hydraulic design of the pipeline system, such as pipe size and capacity analysis. In this mode, the performance of the pipeline system can be quickly analyzed and optimized through continuous parameter changes.

Wanda is a product of Deltares Company, whose task is to design, control and optimize hydraulic pipelines and is used to prevent the use of a water hammer. The program includes two modes for computing (engineering and transient) and four modules (fluid, temperature, multiple transmissions and controls) that the user can access through the user interface. The transient state of the program is used to analyze the unstable (transient) pipeline system, which allows you to analyze events such as Pump Trips or valve closures. The Wanda engineering mode is used to analyze pipes in a stable condition, which allows you to perform common activities in the design of the hydraulic system of the pipeline, such as calculating the size and capacity of the pipe, which provides the ability to analyze and optimize

Here are some key Features of  “Deltares Wanda v4.5.1208” :

  • Copy / paste of components, diagrams, graphs, tabular results and input parameters
  • Pump & System characteristic visualization
  • Operational control systems
  • Free surface flow
  • Simulation of control systems and hydraulics simultaneously
  • Coupling to SCADA systems
  • Input and output properties in spreadsheet view
  • Comparison of complete cases with case-compare
  • And more

System Requirement

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 (all editions)
  • 1Ghz (x86) Processor (both 32 bits and 64 bit processors are supported)
  • 512 MB RAM or more
  • 500 MB free disk space


Deltares Wanda v4.5.1208

Download Here