Structural Toolkit 5 is an Anthony Furr Sofware company that builds tools for structural engineers. This program provides you with the most accurate and complete computing experience. A simple spreadsheet-based user interface does not require the user to have specialized training and the installation of the program is simply done. Structural Toolkit easily and quickly performs calculations for individual members of wood, steel, construction tools and concrete, with the confidence that it is paying attention to the latest Australian engineering standards. The software also has the ability to design a base, a retaining wall, a variety of connections, and the design of a Storm-Water Detention. Structural Toolkit to quickly and accurately do your calculations for you. Our straightforward and familiar spreadsheet based interface requires no special training or set-up. Easily and quickly produce calculations for discrete members in wood, steel, masonry and concrete while having the confidence to know that you are up to date with current Australian Standards. Structural Toolkit also handles footing design, retaining wall design, connection design and storm-water containment design.

Here are some key Features of  “Structural Toolkit v5.3.3.2” :

  • Create standard outputs for printing on an A4 sheet or PDF file
  • Possibility to insert company logo and personalization of the project
  • Ability to save and reload projects
  • Simple interface
  • Ability to adapt engineering team members’ designs To various departments
  • including bookshops and common profiles used in projects
  • designing models from well-known academic texts
  • in accordance with Australian day standards

System Requirement

  • Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
  • 2 GB of RAM or higher
  • 2 GHz Processor speed
  • 1 GB of Disk space


Structural Toolkit v5.3.3.2

Download Here