basICColor input v6.0.0 Build 2944 is suitable for calibration and ICC specification of all devices dealing with color work environment. If you need high color accuracy of digital or scanned camera images, the basICColor input software is for you. Analyzing and analyzing images taken from a camera estimates the characteristics of that camera. This software helps eliminate unnecessary color retouches and you can quickly get professional, quality results. basICColor input automatically differentiates between RAW or TIFF / JPEG formats and produces DCP or ICC profiles with fine shadow detail. This software enables combining multiple photosTo build an image. With the help of ICC input specifications, all RAW formats are detected and DCPs are built that can be quickly used in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom software.

If critical color accuracy is required from your scans or digital camera files, you need basICColor input . Analyzing the capture results of a target camera determines the reproduction characteristics of the camera. This helps eliminate unnecessary color retouching. Professional results can be achieved with higher data quality as well as quicker turn-around times. The ICC camera profiles can be both “tuned” and the automated workflow achieves optimal workflows. basICColor input automatically distinguishes between RAW or TIFF / JPEG format and creates DCP or ICC profiles with perfect shadow detail.

Multi-Target Profiling
This unique feature of basICColor input allows to combine several target shots into one profile. Reproduction of paints, textiles, non-standard media and the use of diverse colorants requires additional characterization. The resulting ICC input profile thus reduces metameric failure.

Beside the ICC profiling input detects (almost) each RAW format and creates DCPs, which can be used in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom immediately.

Spotcolor Correction
Whether including a color logo, corporate identity element, or architectural element that demands absolute matching, the unique qualities of basICColor input will help achieve the best quality results from digital photographic image.

Here are some key Features of “basICColor input v6.0.0 Build 2944” :

  • Production data, ICC and DCP
  • correct colored dots
  • obtaining specifications 4 types of images: Pictures published or archived images pictures taken, recorded images, scanned images
  • get Profile Color Digital Cameras & Scanners
  • Obtain color specifications for various purposes
  • Supports all current scanners and cameras, including IT8 / 7.1, IT8 / 7.2 HutchColor Target, ColorChecker, ColorChecker DC, Digital ColorChecker SG and basICColor dcam +
  • Ability to add unique color cues

System Requirement

  • Windows 7 (32 and 64 Bit)
  • Intel® Pentium 4 Processor – 512MB RAM, 100MB Disk Space, minimum
  • Graphic Card Support 1280×1024 Pixels and 24 Bit Color Depth



basICColor input v6.0.0 Build 2944

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