Proteus Professional v8.9 SP2 Build 28501 + Library

Proteus Professional v8.9 SP2 + Library

Proteus Professional v8.9 SP2 is a software for automated design of electrical circuits. Proteus is a set of circuit simulation systems based on electrical component models in PSpice. One of the distinct features of Proteus Professional is the ability to model programmable devices such as microcontrollers, microprocessors, DSPs and more. The program includes models of most of the electronic components for specialized simulations based on the standards of the field. Most advanced circuit routing modes can be designed with this software, thus increasing the simulation capability of micro-controllers. In fact, Proteus Professional is one of the software for simulation and testing of electronic circuits, in this software you can test your circuit as the operation and after troubleshooting possible design for that pcb.

Proteus Professional – software for automated design of electronic circuits. The package is a circuit simulation system based on PSpice electronic components models. A distinctive feature of the Proteus Professional package is the ability to model the programmable devices: microcontrollers, microprocessors, DSP and others. All Proteus PCB design products include an integrated shape-based autorouter and a basic SPICE simulation capability as standard. More advanced routing modes are included in Proteus PCB Design Level 2 and higher whilst simulation capabilities can be enhanced by purchasing the Advanced Simulation option and / or micro-controller simulation capabilities.

Here are some key Features of “Proteus Professional v8.9 SP2 + Library” :

  • Electronic Circuit Design
  • Includes Professional Design Tools
  • Customizable Device Modeling
  • Advanced Routing Design
  • Save Time and Cost Design Circuits
  • Highly Proficient Microcontroller Circuit Simulation O
  • having all the elements of actual measurements such as oscilloscope, function generator, voltmeter, ammeter, etc.
  • You can add book houses of Qdtmnd and Darar of electronic components
  • Ability to design pcb circuit simulation without the need for changing the circuit
  • Ability to debug the program and run it on the micro-control line R

System Requirement

  • Software Requirements
    – Windows 10 (32/64-bit)
    – Windows 8.1 (32/64 bit)
    – Windows 8 (32/64-bit)
    – Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
    – Windows Vista (Service Pack 1 or later, 32/64 bit)
    – Windows XP (Service Pack 3 or later, 32-bit only)




Proteus Professional v8.9 SP2 + Library

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