ArtRage 6 software is a powerful tool for drawing and drawing. With this software you can paint with watercolor, pencil and spray paint on your canvas. If you want to design a photo you can get a black pencil sketch with this app. Hiding unnecessary tools, using abrasive Photoshop brushes when Sticker Spray mode is selected, displaying an error message when using the tool in the wrong location, adjusting the output image quality, supporting most Photoshop filters and more . Features of this software.

ArtRage is a bitmap graphics editor for digital painting created by Ambient Design Ltd. It is currently in version 5.0.5, and supports Windows, macOS and mobile Apple and Android devices and is available in multiple languages. It caters to all ages and skill levels, from children to professional artists. With ArtRage you can paint with oils and watercolors, sketch with pencils, spray stickers on your canvas, and much more. In addition, the software includes stencils and rulers that you can use to design precise freehand shapes or smooth curves.

Tracing and Reference images let you load photos to recreate either by eye or by letting ArtRage choose colors for you as you paint. For professional users, ArtRage offers Layers and Layer Groups, Layer Blend Modes compatible with PSD file format, Filter support plugin and more.

Best of all, ArtRage doesn’t force you to learn complex tool settings, it lets you get right down to painting with tools you already know how to use.

Here are some key Features of “ArtRage v6.0.8” :

  • Includes Oil and Brush Tools, Pencils, Chalk, Pens, Knife Pallets and Other Tools
  • Unlimited Layers and Layers in Mixed Layer Mode
  • Source and Reference Images and Photos for Painting Assist
  • Stencil for masking and freedom of decision making and curve line
  • Extra tool features like wet blenders featheredand selection
  • Adjust color and blur with Photoshop filters support
  • Unfixed after spraying
  • True color blend
  • Quick access Colored windows

System Requirement

  • Operating System : Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10


ArtRage v6.0.8

Download Here



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