Wolfram SystemModeler 12 is an easy-to-use, next-generation modeling and simulation environment for cyber-physical systems.
Using drag-and-drop from the large selection of built-in and expandable modeling libraries, you can build industrial strength, multidomain models of your complete system. Adding the power of Mathematica gives you a fully integrated environment for analyzing, understanding, and quickly repeating system designs. Driving insight, innovation, and results.Physical Cybercrime (CPS) is a collaborative system of computational elements for controlling physical entities. Today, the leading generation of physical cybernetic systems can be found in a variety of areas, such as aerospace, automotive, chemical processes, civil infrastructure, energy, healthcare, construction, transportation, entertainment and consumer products.

Wolfram SystemModeler is a powerful software environment for modeling and simulating the environment for physical cybernetic systems. In this program, you can just drag and drop the built-in and expandable models from the model books catalog, create industrial models, and model multi-domain models from a complete system. The computational capabilities embedded in this software also provide a comprehensive environment for understanding, analyzing and expediting the design process of the system.Using the components and tools embedded in this software, you can design your system in whole or in part, test the models, get results using mathematics and numerical calculations, and its behavior and performance. Analyze and improve.

Here are some key Features of “Wolfram SystemModeler v12.0.0” :

  • A booklet featuring pre made models
  • Hybrid system modeling
  • Includes a library of customizable components
  • Ability to create and share outputs
  • Control simulation of the program
  • Model calibration
  • numerical calculations and mathematical analysis

System Requirement

  • Hardware Specifications
    – Processor: Intel Pentium IV 1.6 GHz or equivalent
    – Disk Space: 2 GB
    – System Memory (RAM): 4 GB 
  • Microsoft Windows (64-bit)
    – Windows 10
    – Windows 8
    – Windows 7


Wolfram SystemModeler v12.0.0

Download Here


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