ViewMate Pro 11.14 – Gerber is a kind of CAM software output format and a kind of vector-format ski for displaying two-dimensional images used to display and describe specifications of PCBs such as copper layers, soldering, etc.

And is actually used as an input format for photoplatters and devices that require digital imaging, such as printers, optical inspection machines, and more.

DXFs are also produced formats by most CAD software.

ViewMate software provides a useful toolkit for converting these two formats, Gerber and DXF, into users. It serves as a bridge between the CAM and CAD software that users use to design and manufacture circuits, allowing them to watch all details before the product is produced, and errors Eliminate the existing ones.

ViewMate Pro, with Smart DFM, is packed with features; circular interpolation, modifying D Codes, merging aperture lists, moving data, aligning layers, entering text in any size and location. ViewMate Pro, with Smart DFM, has the functionality to handle even the most complex data.

No more guessing what your circuit board will look like. No more waiting for photo-plots or worse, your prototype circuit board, to see your true design. With ViewMate Pro, with Smart DFM, you can rest assured that the capabilities you need for today’s and tomorrows challenges are there when you need them.

Here are some key features of “ViewMate Pro v11.14.49“:

  • convert DXF files to Gerber and Bell Photos
  • Design and installation of DFM for review and correction products
  • Convert DXF files
  • the possibility of entering several different formats of music lists
  • making masks Soldering And correcting overlays
  • Converting sketched designs to flash pads
  • formatting and connecting to the pad master

System Requirement

  • OS : Windows 7,8,10 32bit and 64bit

Download ViewMate Pro v11.14.49

Download Here