CAMMaster Designer 11.14 – At the final stages, the design and production of PCB boards, or the same phase PCB as the electrical test, is carried out.

This step is designed to ensure the correct accuracy of the circuitry and is carried out by the AOI test board.

The process of working with these devices is such that the layers and details of the circuit are defined in the device, and then the device scans the designed circuit and checks with the main information to identify the differences and weaknesses of the circuit.

CAMMaster Designer is capable of programming, designing paths, and supporting AOI test machines for the design and production of PCBs without any need for the Visual Basic environment.

CAMMaster without support for Visual Basic (r) compatible scripting, Rout editing and AOI machines support. We provide you a USB dongle.

CAMMaster Designer can be installed on multiple computers but only run on a computer that has the dongle plugged in.

Here are some key features of “CAMMaster Designer v11.14.49“:

  • Extraction of the list based on the meter
  • Advanced DFM controls
  • Auto Shift Aperture
  • Layer-based comparison
  • It has the ability to convert the notes
  • Automatically convert the designs to flash
  • Compare the list of titles
  • Cut Silkscreen
  • Planning for copper and soldering

System Requirement

  • OS : Windows 7,8,10 32bit and 64bit

Download CAMMaster Designer v11.14.49

Download Here