QA-CAD 2019 is an efficient and necessary software for designing engineering processes.

If you are manually drawing and designing page indexing and reviewing files, this software is suitable for you. Because it can automate the numbering and modification of designs.

This program saves you time and resources. With just one click and while preserving the original files and designs, you can apply a series of notes and modifications to your designs, and convert them to PDF format.

The program also has all the features available in the CAD Viewer, CAD Markup and SymbolCAD software, as well as the CAD Viewer Batch Command extension. This app is one of the best software for modifying and modifying QAD maps. Because it has many features and it’s very easy to use.

Here are some key features of “Guthrie QA-CAD 2019”:

  • Support for AutoCAD 2019
  • Support for Microstation DGN
  • Defining the time, day and date by the user
  • to rotate stamps and page numbers
  • Ability to extract the data in a spreadsheet
  • you can change the color of different parts design
  • change the stamp size photograph of
  • Marking QA Stamps during the process

System Requirement

  • OS : Windows 7 SP1,8,10 32bit and 64bit

Download Guthrie QA-CAD 2019

Download Here