Tekla Structures 2018 SP7 with Help and Environment. now and again brand XSTEEL known, the utilization of the exceptionally prominent and effective and expert plan and displaying of cutting edge and current metal structures and solid behemoths like arenas and towers for structural building structures And engineers and designers of metal structures, which are fit for dissecting and planning all structures by 3D demonstrating. Notwithstanding giving a simple and effective application condition, this product has the capacity to deliver every one of the maps of the workstation worksheet with every one of the subtleties and data naturally and without the requirement for any manual illustrations. The steel some portion of the product is known as Xsteel, which is a piece of the steel configuration, complete and precise plan, control and completion.

The Tekla Structures programming in the steel part is an incredible asset for the utilization of basic designers and designers of steelmaking and steelmaking producers, who has put it at the front line of the most developed programming of the auxiliary building bunch for the accompanying reasons. Truth be told, TEKLA STRUCTURES programming, or X-STEEL softwareStrong to demonstrate mechanical and development structures, and today a critical piece of these structures are displayed far and wide with this product. Creating generation maps is one of the yields of this product that effectively connections to AutoCAD programming. Additionally, the undertaking stock rundown, tonnage and rundown of fasteners and nuts utilized for the whole venture can without much of a stretch be determined. This product in the structure of the associations, enables the client to inspect the crash and diminish the plausible issues in the establishment. The Tekla Structures programming can likewise be utilized to show both steel and solid structures. Obviously, the program’s capacities for demonstrating steel developments, particularly fastener and nut structures, are extraordinary. In the product condition, it is conceivable to investigate the model made with the assistance of the STAAD program.

Clearly, even the best fashioners in the two-dimensional space business in CAD frameworks are constantly looked with official issues, not to mention mechanical works, for example, treatment facilities that manage various offices, for example, plumbing, gear, power and instruments. Faces parallel to the basic part. For instance, the help of the pipes area, the likelihood of arrangement of gear, and the likelihood of the entry of link plate … In a 3D-dimensional audit, it is tackled precisely and without issues with the execution of these issues.

Here are some key Features of “Tekla Structures 2018 SP7 with Help and Environment” :

  • The possibility of making a structural and structural model of steel with all the details of real implementation can be made
  • Analysis and design of all structures in the form of 3D models
  • Display the model made on the computer with details such as washers, bolts , Stains, sheets
  • Moving in the model and seeing it from different angles, you can move like an observer engine inside it.
  • Ability to analyze and design a variety of structures in new versions
  • Possibility to create workshops for automated construction and installation
  • Provide a variety of material estimates and inventory reports for executive tasks, list of parts for bolts and nuts with length and …
  • The possibility of splitting projects Great to several parts to split into several phases
  • Group work on a project at one time to accelerate the project
  • Connect and transfer data with other software such as: Pdms, SAP2000, ETABS, Staadpro, Microstation, etc.
  • Transmitting data readily by various CNC machines
  • Providing cutting maps to minimize distortion Workshop at the workshop
  • easy environmental acquisition and proper application
  • No need for any manual drawing
  • Full steel design of the steel fittings

System Requirement

  • Operating System
    Tekla Structures 2018 is supported by the following operating systems:
    64-bit Windows 10
    64-bit Windows 8.1
    64-bit Windows 7 SP164-bit Windows is required by Tekla Structures 2018. 32-bit Windows is not supported.


  • Memory
    Memory requirements depend on the size of the model. Large models require more memory.An average set-up for lighter projects is a 64-bit operating system with 16 GB of RAM.


  • Processor
    “The faster, the better” is the rule that Applies with processors. Note that Tekla Structures does not support Itanium processors. 
  • Graphics card
    Tekla Structures rendering can use DirectX or OpenGL technology, and graphics cards that have good DirectX hardware support to give the best performance. You can set Tekla Structures to use DirectX rendering instead of OpenGL by enabling the DirectX rendering switch in Tekla Structures settings. 
  • Monitor (s)
    The 24 “LCD monitor with full HD support is a good solution both from the technical and ergonomic point of view. 
  • Recommended hardware
    Operating system Windows : 10 (64-bit) Memory : 16+ GB Hard disk : 240-480 GB, SSD Processor : Intel® Core ™ i5 CPU 2+ GHz Graphics card : Two monitor support eg NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Monitor ( s): Two 24 “/ 27” 1920×1200 each
    Network adapter (multi-user funct.): 100 Mbit / s


Tekla Structures 2018 SP7 with Help and Environment

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