SpeedTree Modeler 9 Cinema Edition – You’ve probably heard the name SpeedTerry before. When you hear the name, you usually think of trees, grass, shrubs, and so on. There is also a plugin named Max. It’s an old plugin, but SpeedTree Cinema software isn’t a plugin or script, it’s a complete application, it’s actually a complete studio for creating and simulating trees and all vegetables. perhaps.

SpeedTree software is also one of the software with a very strong resume in the portfolio. Movies such as Avatar, Harry Potter, King Kong and dozens of movies have used the power of this software to create trees and plants. The unique tree-building method of this software makes it easy to create plants and trees in your projects.

The output of this program is very realistic and the models created by this program are fully available to the user. Users can edit the model and receive natural forces such as wind. All trees are exposed to UV light during production, making it easy to change the texture of leaves and trunks.

The output of this program is in OBJ and FBX format and can be used with any modeling and rendering software. The program has a section called SPeedTree Modelr where you can change the model of trees and plants as needed. This is a unique model maker with very powerful features.

Here are some key features of “SpeedTree Modeler 9.0.0 Cinema Edition”:

  • Photogrammetry Conversion
    Convert photogrammetry scans into procedural models with the Mesh Converter, a new SpeedTree generator. Transform a scanned asset’s unique, photoreal details into efficient SpeedTree geometry, then use procedural tools to make endless edits and variations.
  • Freehand Creation
    Craft an epic hero tree or fine-tune a collection of assets with Freehand Mode, designed to put artists in control. Hand-draw models, bend branches, sculpt key details, and edit down to a single vertex with an intuitive, visual toolset. Use Freehand Mode in concert with procedural generators to make custom edits and discover your own ideal workflow.
  • Models for Every Biome
    Get started with dynamic models built for every biome. Browse a library of plants with infinite potential, PBR textures, built-in seasonal variations, and customizable wind settings.
  • Powerful Performance
    Today’s AAA games and biggest blockbusters rely on SpeedTree. Manage complex wind, LODs, and rendering on a massive scale with the SpeedTree Games SDK and Cinema Engine. Included with Enterprise licenses, SpeedTree SDK and Engine tech is built for next-gen performance.

System Requirement

  • Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10, 11 (64-bit only)
  • 8GB Ram, 500MB HD, SM 3.0 capable graphics card

Download SpeedTree Modeler 9.0.0 Cinema Edition

Download Here



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