SpeedTree Cinema 8 is a software that delivers a unique procedural plus hand modeling approach that lets you create exactly the tree or plant you want faster than ever before. Start with our large species library or create your own using custom leaf or branch patterns and textures. Export as a mesh with baked-in wind animation through the point cache, and then bring it into your rendering package of choice.

Very probably you should have heard the name of Speedier so much so you usually hear the name of the tree, the bride, the bush and so on.

There is also a plugin with this name for Max, which is an old plug-in, but SpeedTree Cinema software is not a plugin or a script, but a complete application and indeed a full-studio build and simulation of trees and all the vegetables.

Be SpeedTree software is also one of the very robust resumes in its portfolio. Movies such as Avatar, Harry Potter, King Kong and dozens of movies have used the power of this software to build trees and plants. The unique approach to building trees allows you to simply plant trees and trees in your projects.

The output of this program is very realistic and the models produced by this program are quite user-friendly. Users can edit models or be exposed to natural forces like wind and others.

All trees have UV during production, and you can easily change the texture of the leaf and trunk and The output of this program is in OBJ and FBX formats and you will be able to use all of the software for modeling and rendering.

The program has a section called SPeedTree Modelr, which enables you to change the models of trees and plants based on your needs, which is a unique modeling engine with very powerful features.

Here are some key features of “Cold Turkey Blocker v3.8.0”:

  • Full PBR workflow and rendering. Supports non-destructive material editing, allowing artists to adjust textures on the fly.
  • A completely new library of 150 models, ranging from seedlings to towering forest trees, includes thousands of 3D surface-scanned PBR textures. Each individual model file (.spm) contains multiple polygonal resolutions and adjustable seasonal variations.
  • Vastly improved export pipeline. Exports of both meshes and wind animations now run much faster and use much less memory. Other improvements include UDIM support, better mesh unwrapping, hierarchical exports, and better bone weighting for skinned meshes.
  • New leaf batching system. Leaf rendering in the SpeedTree Modeler is up to 1,000 times faster than version 7. This innovation greatly speeds up the modeling process and supports the creation of more complex models.
  • Major leap in wind realism. Cinema 8 captures the complex dynamics of wind among leaves and branches more naturally than ever. The overhaul system features a realistic rolling wind effect, which is much easier to tune up, and includes a new wind wizard.
  • Numerous other improvements. There are more than two dozen other significant improvements including a new art director tool, an overhaul mesh cutout syst

System Requirement

  • OS : Windows 7, 8 / 8.1, 10 (64-bit only)
  • Other : 8GB Ram, 500MB HD, SM 3.0 capable graphics card

Download SpeedTree Cinema 8.3.0

Download Here



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