Serif Affinity Designer 1.7 software is the fastest, most accurate and straightforward tool in the field of vector graphics design , if it works on a commercial logo, conceptual arts, large graphic projects, icons , UI, UX This app transforms your work. This software has all the tools you need to do a precise job, such as pencil and professional gradient tools, and without problems, works perfectly accurately and in a professional environment. Other features of this software include support for various color schemes RGB, CMYK, LAB and Grayscale.

Affinity Designer is the fastest, smoothest, most accurate vector graphic design software available. Whether you’re working on branding, concept art, print projects, icons, UI, UX, or web mockups, Affinity Designer will revolutionize how you work on macOS and Windows.  All the tools you need in a professional vector design app, from an incredible precise pen tool to a super smooth gradient tool. All carefully considered and meticulously developed, they just work-in exactly the way you want them to.  With the core principles of performance, stability, and lack of bloat, Affinity Designer has been meticulously crafted for a professional workflow.

Here are some key Features of “Serif Affinity Designer v1.7.0.380” :

  • Pixel control and live preview
  • Effects and beautiful blend modes without reducing the quality of the effect
  • High speed and precision
  • Supports various file formats SVG, EPS, PDF And PDF / X
  • Flexible and customizable project environment
  • Brush tools are completely natural and editable
  • Ability to use various shapes and customizable

System Requirement

  • Hardware
    Windows-based PC with mouse or equivalent input device. DirectX 10-compatible Graphics Cards and above.
  • Memory
    2GB RAM (4GB RAM recommended) 
  • Hard Disk
    624MB of available space; more during installation 
  • Operating systems ( 64 bit )
    – Windows 10
    – Windows 8.x
    – Windows 7 (Service Pack 1; Aero enabled) 
  • Display
    – 1280×768 display size or better 
  • Technology and Input Devices- DirectX 11 and Direct 2D rendering with Windows Advanced Rasterization Platform (WARP) fallback
    – Hardware accelerated for smooth panning / zooming and rendering
    – Optimised for Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book (including support for detachable screen)
    – Surface Studio with Surface Pen / Surface Dial
    – Gesture, Pen, and Touch Screen input support
    – Generic multi-button and wheel mouse
    – Wacom ( and other WinTab devices) support
    – Uses Microsoft Concurrency Runtime to fully utilize / scale across modern CPUs
    – High DPI support across multiple monitors


Serif Affinity Designer v1.7.0.380

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