CSoft RasterDesk Pro 17 is a graphical editor added as an add-on to AutoCAD software to provide AutoCAD users with professional tools for working with Raster images.

This program has provided you with the ability to enhance the quality of scanned images in the AutoCAD environment, edit bitmap graphics, and even automatically convert them to a vector.

RasterDesk also allows you to correct and set geometric parameters. For example, you will be able to photograph Bring it to the desired size, scale it, rotate it, crook it, or even change its resolution.

Calibration is used to eliminate arbitrary (linear and nonlinear) distortions of raster images of any type: monochrome, halftone and color.

This operation is most often used to correct geodesic maps and maps in raster format. With the help of calibration, you can correct scanning errors and distortions caused by the deformation of the original graphic materials.

When preparing the calibration, it is necessary to specify the vectors of displacement of the raster points. For this, a set of calibration pairs is specified.

Each pair of such a set consists of two points whose coordinates determine the current position of the point on the image (measured point) and its required theoretical position (real point).

Here are some key features of “RasterDesk Pro v17.0.3019”:

  • Ability to edit the image raster in AutoCAD environment
  • increasing the quality of photos scanned
  • automatically convert graphics from bitmap to vector
  • direct editing of photos scanned in AutoCAD
  • adjustment parameters of geometry
  • the size of the sheet, Resolution and Photo Comparison
  • Color Correction and Photo Filtering (Gamma Correction, Histogram, Brightness, …)
  • Auto-correction of Polylines

System Requirement

  • AutoCAD 2010-2018

Download RasterDesk Pro v17.0.3019

Download Here