NBP Ultrasharp for Adobe Photoshop plug-ins for Photoshop for easy control of different areas of extremely sharp image without causing adverse effects on the quality of the photo is.

Sharpening images can help sharpen and sharpen blurry parts of the image. Imagine your car stereo system equalizer. If you want to amplify the treble, lower bass, or any mid-range frequencies, you can actually adjust the sound exactly to what you prefer.

It works the same way, allowing you to control the resolution of your image and adjust it from five different scales.

Imagine the equalizer on your car stereo system. You can boost the higher pitch frequencies if you wish, or the lower bass frequencies, or any mid-range frequencies, to tailor the sound exactly how you prefer, right?

This is the kind of granular control that NBP Ultrasharp affords you over your image sharpness, allowing you complete control of how you want the sharpening boost to look across five different scales, or frequencies.

Here are some key features of “NBP Ultrasharp for Adobe Photoshop v1.0.003”:

  • Adjust the sharpness and sharpness of images in five different scales
  • Display tools as a floating panel
  • Sharp control using image brightness or sharpening all RGB channels
  • Color Lab mode support
  • Ability to choose between sharpening your active layer or creating a new one
  • Precise Sharp control regardless of the pixel dimensions of your image, from a few hundred pixels wide to over 160 megapixels

System Requirement

  • Hardware:
    CPU: Intel CPU with SSE 4 Support (Most CPUs from 2007 and above) or AMD Ryzen
    RAM – 4 GB of RAM (8 GB is recommended) or above 
  • Operating System:
    – Windows (64 Bit Version)
    – Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10.
    – Adobe Photoshop 64 Bit Version
    – Photoshop CC 2015 / Photoshop CC 2017 / Photoshop CC 2018 / Photoshop CC 2019

Download NBP Ultrasharp for Adobe Photoshop v1.0.003

Download Here



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