midas nGen & Drawing 2022 – MIDAS offers software called midas nGen, which packs design functionality along with structural analysis and code design capabilities for building design on a single platform. In fact, nGen is a structural engineering system designed to integrate the overall process of architectural design, modeling, analysis, design and 2D structural drawings throughout. project.

This software is another advanced software solution offered for modeling and simulating construction projects and helps engineers review and integrate two-dimensional plans, drawings and models. 3D workflows to do their jobs faster and more efficiently. midas nGen reduces engineers’ time and effort wasted performing common and tedious tasks in modeling, review, and reporting processes, and makes these fundamental steps in the beginning and the end of the project became much better and easier to do.

Automatic meshing, automatic design verification and automatic design output, design reporting and kick-off quality are just some of the things midas nGen can do. The means of automation and optimization, the production of complete structural drawings, and the preparation of structural calculation reports help civil engineers significantly reduce the time required to create quality products. higher quality and more productivity. Have the highest quality output.

Here are some key features of “midas nGen & Drawing 2022 v2.2”:

  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional modeling of structures
  • Automatic meshing
  • Automatic review of designs
  • Automatic reporting
  • Check and guarantee the quality of starting work
  • Significant reduction of production time of three-dimensional models of two models Next
  • Optimizing the dimensions in the initial design when you need to perform an error test
  • Automatic calculation of steel parts with minimum weight and manufacturing capability
  • Optimization of design parameters
  • Automatic production of structural calculation reports
  • Creating high quality structural drawings

System Requirement

MIDAS Solution operates on Window 64bit operation system and it is required to install NVIDIA Graphic driver.
Mac OS is not supported.

  • Requirements
    – Operating System: Windows 10 32-bit
    – Graphics Card: 1 GB OpenGL 1.1 (Avoid simple onboard graphic chips)
    – Processor: Dualcore CPU (Core 2)
    – Hard Disk: HOO 100 GB
    – Ram: 8 GB
    – Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024 pixels

Download midas nGen & Drawing 2022 v2.2

Download Here



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