midas Gen 2019 – With a user-friendly interface, high-performance graphics and a powerful midas gen tool, one of the best options available to engineers to design and analyze simple and complex structures and structures.

This applicationBy providing countless tools for finite element analysis, and providing powerful and accurate computations and analyzes, the results are best served and rendered by users.

The user-oriented input / output functions are based on sophisticated and intuitive User Interface and up-to-date Computer Graphics techniques. They offer excellent facilities and productivity for complex and large-scale structures modeling and analysis.

Complete Analysis Options
Gen generates linear and nonlinear structural analysis capabilities. A large collection of finite elements has been implemented for applications in civil and building structures. The program’s efficient analysis algorithms yield exceptional versatility and accurate results for practical design applications.

Powerful Post-Processor
The post-processor can automatically create load combinations in accordance with specified design standards. Changing the type of display can produce various forms of graphic output. Practically all the results can be animated, namely, mode shapes, time history results of displacements and member forces, dynamic analysis results and static analysis results.

Auto Design
Midas Gen provides various design control features including: Eurocode & American specifications Bending, shear & torsional strength scheck; Meshed slab & wall design; General Section Designer; Automatic generation of load combinations in accordance with various design codes.

Here are some key features of “midas Gen 2019”:

  • User friendly graphical interface
  • Visual modeling
  • Auxiliary tool for the rapid design of trusses, arches, frames, etc.
  • Full analysis options
  • Precise analysis by finite element method
  • Processing for the construction of load components according to standards
  • Automatic design of parts such as walls, slabs, etc.
  • Used in massive construction projects around the world
  • Design of steel structures and structures

System Requirement

  • Supported OS: Windows 7even or newer ( 64bit )

Download midas Gen 2019

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