Smith Micro Moho Pro v13.0.2.610

Smith Micro Moho Pro v13.0.2.610


Smith Micro Moho Pro v13.0.2.610 Is the name of the software with which users can create animations, cartoons and two-dimensional and three-dimensional characters. This software is a product of SmithMicro software company. We have already provided the Windows version to you users, and due to many requests, the Mac Smith Micro Anime Studio Pro version is now available. Also, with the help of Smith Micro Anime Studio Pro software, you can use other facilities and features to create flash images, images related to mobile-specific formats and PDA devices, design mini-games for these devices, and so on.

Making animated images can be one of the most lucrative jobs for graphic artists today. For example, making animated images is one of these ways.Another method is to create two-dimensional images. Like cartoons that are broadcast on television for children. Today, creating such images with the help of software is much easier than in the past. With the help of these softwares, users who specialize in graphic fields can create two-dimensional cartoon images. Smith Micro Anime Studio Pro has a new animated framed layer that gives you more power with a metal frame and added controls .

Features of Smith Micro Anime Studio Pro software
– Making animations, cartoons and two and three dimensional characters
– Access to animated layout
– Improved new brush more flexible and natural
– Improved Photoshop file support
– Ability to move objects
– Has a layer reference that saves you time and effort
– Import layered PSD files exported from Adobe Photoshop and Manga Studio
– Work with vector-based art for maximum control and scalability
– FBX support
– Stimulate the order in the form of a single peeler
– Improve your workflow
– Making animated GIF images

“Smith Micro Moho Pro v13.0.2.610”

Moho Pro 13 is changing the animation software game. We’ve combined the most powerful animation technology with state-of-the-art professional animation tools, so your best animation projects come to life faster and easier.

System Requirement

  • Requires OS X 10.8 or later


Smith Micro Moho Pro v13.0.2.610

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