JixiPix Aquarella v1.38. Watercolor, or Aquarelle is a wonderful transparent and luminous artistic medium. Watch as Aquarella transforms your image into one with liquid pools of color blended fluidly on paper to create a watercolor with all the delicate details found in traditional watercolor media. Look closely as you render your Aquamedia to discover the delicate light ‘blooms’ of wet color running throughout your creation and brush strokes of overlapping dark pigment dried along the edges. You will be thrilled when you see your newly rendered watercolor — Auquarella is a professional artistic app and will deliver a high-end watercolor result true to the original media.

Aquarelle software provides users with the ability to easily convert their photos into watercolor paintings. With this tool you no longer have to use traditional methods for making watercolor photos or using photo editing software that you have to spend hours working on the details to make the output look more natural. Aquarelle makes the final image so beautiful and natural that by looking at it you can see the color moisture and the difference in its concentration at the edges and other areas.

Here are some key Features of “JixiPix Aquarella v1.38” :

  • There are two different styles Aqua Color and Two Tone to convert images to
  • work on details with the utmost precision
  • Configurable settings to create different styles
  • styles are ready to apply on photos
  • High resolution output output
  • Multiple sequences undo
  • Quick preview
  • Customizable settings

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7, 8 and 10


JixiPix Aquarella v1.38


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