WriteItNow v5.0.4

WriteItNow v5.0.4


WriteItNow v5.0.4 is a novel that allows you to write your own novels in a series of chapters with story scenes. A variety of tools for checking spelling mistakes, measuring readability, specifying word counts, dictionaries, and charts are provided to help streamline your storytelling. WriteItNow helps you create all the stages of creating your novel from idea to idea, to characters, names, events, places, and more. The software’s user-friendly interface allows you to quickly access and access different chapters and segments of the story. WriteItNow offers a variety of functionalities, for example, the ability to index and control submissions to the publisher or add external and internal links to the novel, links to access different story elements such as websites, files , Story chapters, characters, events, places and WriteItNow is Novel Writing Software. Write your novel as a series of chapters plus scenes. Some of the many tools include; Thesaurus, Story Board, Spelling Checker, Readability Checker, Word Count, and Charts. You can also generate names, characters and ideas.

WriteItNow has a sleek, modern interface and intuitive features and functions that make it the most creative writing software on the market. The level of organization in this writing software goes beyond others in our ranking. It’s easy to use and well structured. It will help you to create, organize and connect all the necessary elements that comprise good storytelling. This software lets you outline and track chapters, characters, events, locations, notes, ideas, references and more. The sidebar tracker lets you access all of these elements in one place at the left of the interface. It couldn’t be easier to find and open so many disparate story elements.

Here are some key Features of “WriteItNow v5.0.4” :

  • Complete and versatile tools for writing and editing text
  • Ability to add personal photos , family relationships, personal relationships and other relationships
  • Help create new ideas in 11 different genres of crime, finance , Hobbies, Miscellaneous, …
  • Add a lot of external and internal links to the novel
  • Build profiles for each character and story character
  • Keep track of characters and refine their personality traits
  • Ability to index and Monitor submissions to publishers
  • Intuitive user interface with quick and easy access to various sections

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7, 8 and 10


WriteItNow v5.0.4


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