Katana 3.1 is another software application from The Foundry, which, by presenting a collaborative approach to lighting and a sense of development (animation), helps actors in the arena to be more creative, Considering the great progress of the animation industry, they largely satisfy their needs in the field of lighting, professional rendering, and finally the creation of special effects in graphic projects .

The term “look development” means the art of expressing cartoon models that can be achieved by adding texture, shading, lighting, and doing things like that. In fact, by making creative and artistic operations for Look Development and Lighting, you can make the animations made much more realistic, engaging and exciting.

Here are some key Features of “Foundry Katana 3.1” :

  • Minimize time waste using the Deferred Loading and Processing system.
  • Flexible working flow (in the form of node-graph and rule-base) for teamwork.
  • Customize the template and workflow and share it with other members of the project team.
  • Ability to work parallel in order to finish the project.
  • Select the desired renderer tool, including V-Ray, Arnold and 3Delight, or add custom render
  • Integrated. Automate and customize Katana to fit it with workflow
  • Supports C and Python to customize the application
  • Support for Alembic and OpenColorIO
  • Improves the efficiency of complex and heavy scenes in animationAnd Movies
  • Powerful Rendering

System Requirement

  • Operating System:
    Windows 7 64-bit or higher
  • Minimum hardware requirements
    Dual-core processor
  • Storage
    1+ GB Disk space available for installation
  • Graphics RAM
    Minimum: 1+ GB available | Recommended: 2+ GB available
  • Display
    Minimum: 800 x 600 | Recommended: 1920 x 1080
  • OpenGL
    OpenGL 4.3+

Download Foundry Katana 3.1

Download Here



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