Diolkos3D WaterNET-CAD 2 is a comprehensive software for designing a pipeline network in the CAD environment.

Application of this software is in the design of sewage network, vacuum sewage system and water distribution center. Other features of the software include the creation of professional Bill of Quantities and hydraulic calculations based on the EPANET and SWMM computing bookshops.

WaterNET-CAD is a complete pipeline network design software within the autonomous CAD environment. Includes design modules for sewer, vacuum sewer and water distribution network facilities. Creates professional reports for bill of quantities (BOQ) as well as reports of hydraulic calculation.

Here are some key features of “Diolkos3D WaterNET CAD v2.0.1.155”:

  • Software Design Network Piping in CAD
  • listed common CAD environment and support for DWG and DXF
  • drawing design network connection projects for all divisions
  • the definition of each tube and display it as Polyline on the grid
  • Automatic subcatchment splitting based on the Roof algorithm
  • Accurate and fast modeling for wide networks
  • based hydraulic calculations – Input of INP files and drawing of Terrain 3D models

System Requirement

  • Operating systems
    – Windows XP SP3
    – Windows Vista SP2
    – Windows 7 SP1
    – Windows 8.1 with Update
    – Windows 10

Download Diolkos3D WaterNET CAD v2.0.1.155

Download Here