DesignBuilder 6 is a software for Modeling energy consumption in a building and examining environmental impacts on a building is used to enable engineers to optimize initial costs and energy costs for the customer and reduce their environmental impacts on buildings.

Creating comfortable and high-quality buildings in accordance with international standards is not easy, and it is possible to use building construction tools and tools to model buildings and explore them all in all.

In other words, DesignBuilder provides a modeling environment with a set of advanced modeling tools in a simple and understandable interface for its users.

This software helps the design team to design energy-efficient buildings as well.

The main focus of the software is on external modeling and energy consumption in buildings, which engineers and energy modelers use to study the environmental conditions of the building.

Here are some key features of “DesignBuilder v6.1.0.6”:

  • Modeling the external environment and energy consumption in the building
  • Optimizing your design at each stage with customer variable goals
  • Complex modeling of complex buildings
  • Heating simulation
  • BIM and CAD data entry
  • Heat modeling and moisture transfer
  • Project rendering in quality images and video
  • EnergyPlus simulation
  • Examining and simulating the amount of daylight and sunlight on the building
  • A 3D dimensional study of temperature, flow calculation, and how air is distributed inside and around the building

System Requirement

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later
  • i5, i7 or Xeon processor with 4 or more cores.
  • 8-16 GB (or more) RAM.
  • At least 200 GB of free disk space. SSD speed up software operation and are more robust especially for laptops.
  • Pointing device such as a mouse or laptop trackpad. Most users prefer using a mouse to trackpads.
  • 100% NVIDIA graphics adapter with hardware acceleration running in 32-bit color mode.
  • 17 “or more, 1280×1024 pixels or larger screen for efficiency during the modeling process and for displaying high-quality visualization images and walk-throughs of DesignBuilder models and CFD results. Large screens (eg 27”) are ideal for use with DesignBuilder.

Download DesignBuilder v6.1.0.6

Download Here



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