CST Studio Suite 2019 is one of the most powerful software in the field of numerical simulation of electromagnetic fields, designing a variety of antennas and high frequency circuits. The name of the CST software is derived from Computer Simulation Technology. This program is the result of several decades of research on electromagnetism to build the strongest and most complete software for analyzing and designing electromagnetism. This software provides a great tool for engineers to design, analyze, and visualize PCB 3D.

Electromagnetics is a branch of physics that studies electrical and magnetic phenomena and their relationship. On the other hand, it is one of the four fundamental forces of nature (three other forces are strong nuclear power, weak nuclear power, and gravity). In electromagnetic theory, these forces are described by electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetism describes most of the phenomena (except gravity) that occur in everyday life. Electromagnetism is also the force that holds electrons and protons inside the atoms. In fact, the carrier of all forces within the molecule is electromagnetic.

Here are some key Features of “CST Studio Suite 2019 SP1” :

  • 3D modeling of electromagnetic and high frequency antennas
  • Numerical simulation of EM calculations and visualization of results
  • Electromagnetic interference and compatibility (EMC and EMI)
  • Analysis of the effect of electromechanical force on high power generators and equipment
  • Optimization and conceptual design of a variety of commercial products
  • Reducing the number of physical samples and the risk of computational errors
  • High compatibility with simulation software SIMULIA
  • High compatibility with Windows operating system

System Requirement

  • Minimum requirements:
    – Processor: Intel x64 processor
    – Memory (RAM): 16GB
    – Graphics card: 100% OpenGL compatible graphics card
    – Storage: 30GB of free disk space
    – GPU Computing: Supported GPU card 
  • High-end server / workstation recommendation:
    – Processor: Dual Intel Xeon Scalable
    – Memory (RAM): 64GB
    – Graphics card: NVIDIA Quadro series card dedicated to CAD / CAE applications
    – Storage: At least 500GB hard disk drive
    – GPU Computing: High-end NVIDIA Quadro or Tesla card


CST Studio Suite 2019 SP1

Download Here



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