ChemProject v5.2.2

ChemProject v5.2.2


ChemProject 5.2 It is a powerful software for evaluating and calculating chemical synthesis or so-called composition or decomposition of materials to produce matter. ChemProject software can be used as a professional assistant in chemical laboratories. Using this software you will be able to enter a sequence of laboratory scale tests and quantify the materials required for a specific amount of the final product of a multi-step synthesis campaign along with related material costs, operating volume and stream evaluation. Get wasted. Also, this software allows you to identify the optimal hotspots and simulate and compare different methods based on the relevant synthetic criteria.
Features of ChemProject software:

Ability to calculate a variety of simple and complex chemical syntheses

Ability to calculate the amount of consumables and costs

Display materials and elements with chemical logos and symbols

Display results using 3D charts

Ability to change parametric syntheses

Comparison of different synthesis methods and suggestions for optimal modes

Provide rich and complete reports with full details

“ChemProject v5.2.2” :

ChemProject is a handy tool and tool for calculating the chemical synthesis of different compounds. It has the power to calculate the chemical synthesis of various materials and has a simple interface. With this software, the materials and elements involved in a chemical synthesis and their amount are automatically calculated. You can see the end result by changing the amount of materials or changing them. The software is able to provide consumables, cost and other required specifications. This information will be very useful for producing the material in real physical conditions. One of the benefits of this program is the creation of shapes and graphs representing chemical synthesis. You can easily see the result of the synthesis with the logos and symbols used in the chemistry books, and by varying the parameters you can see the result momentarily on these shapes. ChemProject When there are different solutions to a single problem. Using smart calculations and analysis, he introduces the best and most efficient method. It’s easy to work with, and you can easily double-click on the 3D graphics to open their parameters and properties and make the desired changes. We recommend chemists and enthusiasts to have this program in their system for better computation and deeper learning, as it can be considered a real synthesis laboratory.

System Requirement

  • Software Requirements
    Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows 7, Windows 8.x, Windows 10


ChemProject v5.2.2

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