CAMWorks 2019 is a software and application-based intelligent CAM is added to powerful software Solidworks, some of the best technology and automation tools compatible with the aim of increasing productivity and maximizing performance machining CNC, in a visual environment to users Offers.

Since Sidelorx (unlike its other CAD / CAM software) does not provide an environment for its users to perform CAM tasks, various software have been developed to meet the needs of users in this regard.

The use of CAMWorks means the ability to automatically allocate tools for machining operations that takes into account all the criteria for selecting the tool (TechDB ID, Tool Type, and Holder Orientation) and the parameters of the main tool.

In previous versions of CAMWorks, multi-surface features could be interactively inserted by one of the following methods:
– By selecting individual faces in the graphics area
– By selecting all displayed faces
– By using an STL file.
From CAMWorks 2015 onwards, multi-surface features can be inserted by selecting faces of a particular color.

This method is useful when you assign specific colors to the surfaces to be machined.

When you select Faces by color as the Feature type in the New Multi Surface Feature dialog box, you can create a multi-surface feature by selecting the surfaces based on their colors.

These colors and the number of faces with that particular color will be displayed in the Faces by Color group box.

When checked next to a particular color is checked, the multi surface feature will be created using faces with that color. You can select multiple colors, if required,

Here are some key features of “CAMWorks 2019 SP2.0“:

  • Integration with solidworks
  • Allowing CAM work in Salidzourx
  • Ability to automatically assign tools to machining operations
  • Provide powerful area selection
  • Possibility to prioritize tools in Tool Crib for Turn And Mill-Turn
  • Provide the Rotary Axis Mode mode option in TechDB for Mill operations

System Requirement

  • Software Prerequisites : SolidWorks Version 2018-2019


  • Supported Operating Systems:
    Windows 10, 8.1, 7 SP1


  • Supported CAD Products:
    SolidWorks 2018 / CAMWorks Solid 2018
    SolidWorks 2018 / CAMWorks Solid 2019
    Solid Edge ST11
    Solid Edge 2019


  • Supported Database Format:
    Access 2016 (64bit)
    SQL Server 2008, R2, 2014, 2016
    CAMWorks DB

Download CAMWorks 2019 SP2.0

Download Here



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