3DQuickPress 6 For SolidWorks – One of the difficulties that engineers face in designing metal parts is the design of metal shapes that are a metal strip and have metal punched on their surface.

For example, the design of toolbars in the production line at the mills or the design of the flange / flange (which is a type of connectors for pipes, valves and devices) and other components that are striped and curved can be mentioned.

3DQuickPress is an extension to the softwareSolidWorks is used to design progressive strip components. With this add-on, it’s easy to create a 3D bar, and even using the SOLIDWORKS eDrawings app, the bar has been created among the people you work with collectively.

One of the capabilities of this Powerful Unfold plugin is to use it to manage the metal parts in tape strips. Strip Layout Manager lets you sort the components on the strip with drag & drop.

Here are some key features of “3DQuickPress v6.2.9 For SolidWorks“:

  • Design of metal stripes with the smallest time
  • Easy flange design
  • Provide a book of standard components
  • Sketch tools for creating holes and inserts
  • Automatic punching and auto insertion of parts Tap on the bar
  • Design and layout of the components of the stripe

System Requirement

Download 3DQuickPress v6.2.9 For SolidWorks

Download Here



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