3DCoat v2021.37 It is a commercial and very powerful tool for designing characters and modeling in 2D and 3D, where users in 3D-Coat can create different designs. Pilgway 3D-Coat software has professional tools and allows users to create sculptures, add topology automatically or manually, create UV maps, model interactive surface texture, visualize static scene rotation and Animation models and pay. The high ability to design and separate layers on the image and color is one of the advantages of 3D-Coat. Imported models can be converted into a voxel sculpture, for further correction and the addition of new parts, UV creation and scanning, mapping, map shifting, maps, highlighting and publishing color maps. After all the changes are completed, with a special connection they can be transferred to the original software and scanned, changed the texture and complete information about the object.Pilgway 3D-Coat is easily possible.

Features of 3DCoat software
– Ability to attach smart materials to layers
– Improved curvature calculations
– Ability to change the resolution of model details
– Ability to process scenes by Renderman
– Easy to use brushes with high variety

3DCoat Features:
– Possibility to attach Smart Materials to layers! Materials managing becomes even easier.
– Improved Curvature calculation. This is crucial for Smart Materials to be looking even more realistic.
– Possibility to change resolution of textures, attached materials will be automatically re-sampled!
– Smart Materials usage history.
– Render scene in Renderman. Yep, you heard it right!
– an ease of a brush stroke how big the depth of scanning will be.
– Rotation mode quick switch – around Y or free rotation. See navigation panel.

“3DCoat v2021.37

Today, software companies, which in the context of making graphical programs operating software for the design of three-dimensional with different features to its users that serious competition for popularity among users already have the software 3DCoat Tvans·h Today, it has attracted the attention of many users who work in the construction of 3D models and characters. Users in this software can use their sculptures and characters in games, movies, 3D animations.

System Requirement

  • 3DCoat 2021 System Requirements
    Operating system: 64-bit Windows 7/8/10, macOS 10.13 High Sierra +, Linux Ubuntu 20.04 +
    Hardware: 3DCoat supports a wide range of hardware. The hardware determines the complexity of meshes and resolution of textures you can edit in 3DCoat. To determine that complexity on your system please download a trial version of 3DCoat from our website for free. As minimal required hardware for 3DCoat we consider basic Surface Pro (see table below for details).
  • Example Of Hardware Configurations And Performance In 3DCoat 2021
    CPU m3 1.00 GHz, RAM 4 GB, GPU Intel HD Graphics 615, no VRAM (uses RAM)
    Painting texture with resolution up to 2k
    Sculpting up to 1 million triangles
    CPU i3 3.06 GHz, RAM 8 GB, GPU Radeon HD 4670, VRAM 256 MB
    Painting texture with resolution up to 2k
    Sculpting up to 2 million triangles
    CPU i7 2.8 GHz, RAM 16 GB, GPU Radeon Pro 555, VRAM 2 GB
    Painting texture with resolution up to 8k
    Sculpting up to 20 million triangles
    Optional pen & input
    Wacom or Surface Pen, 3Dconnexion navigator, multitouch on Surface Pro


3DCoat v2021.37

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