When you have prospects or clients that rely on every information you have about your products or services, it is only natural to communicate with them often. The most common means of communication is via email. If you have dozens or hundreds of clients or prospects, sending an email to each one of them is tiring, and a repetitive task that takes too much time, preventing you from doing anything else.

However, you can ease up the process of sending bulk emails to each one of your prospects by using email software. A bulk emailing software helps you to reach all your prospects via just one mail. It also helps create your marketing emails much faster, increase traffic to your website, and reduce the costs accrued when sending mass emails.
How to Use Email Software to Send Bulk Email

Email marketing is a marketing strategy that is cost-effective and easy to manage for every type of business. It allows you to maintain direct contact with your clients and prospects. Email marketing software is the first thing you need to send your bulk emails to your prospects. The following steps will help you in creating a high-performing and timely bulk email marketing campaign.

1. Choose the best email marketing software and register

Choosing the best email marketing software might be challenging, especially if you do not know much about the significant impact on marketing campaigns. If you do not know how to register for marketing software, try to use one of the many popular email platforms to get you started. After registering, sign up for the software with your email address, and you are good to start.

2. Start the importation of your contacts

If you have an email list of your clients, import the contact list using a CSV file. Import only the contacts you want to reach with your bulk email campaign and leave the personal emails out of the list.

You can also connect your newly registered email software to lead generation apps such as Unbounce, Beacon, and WishList Member, among others, if you are using another marketing tool for your contact list. You must note that your bulk marketing emails should comply with the laws before sending them to the clients. After importing the client contacts, you can then proceed to set up the settings for bulk emailing.

3. Choose your email type

You have two options when sending your bulk emails. You can choose between a rich text campaign and an HTML email designed with images, text, call-to-action buttons, and videos. A rich text campaign email gives your clients a friendly touch making them feel like you are sending them a message from your personal email. Many of the excellent email software provide you with email design options.

4. Choose an email template

Maintaining a successful email marketing strategy means that you will have different campaigns with a mix of scheduled communications throughout the year. Some of the various email campaigns you might need to undertake include:
● Sending an annual or periodic newsletter
● Business letters
● Press releases
● Announcements of new products or services
● Invitations to events
● Promotional sales
● Feedback collection
Creating an email for each campaign is tiring. Choose an email template that you can customize to match your brand and include all the email campaigns that your marketing strategy needs.

5. Give your campaign an identifiable name to set it up

The next step is to set up your email campaign by giving it a name to identify it. For example, if you are offering a discount on a product, you can name your campaign “50% offer on selected products”. The other details that should appear on the email setup include your name, email address, reply to the email address, and the subject line.

6. Use different devices to preview your email

Before sending your bulk email to your clients, you should first preview it on mobile and desktop to ensure it looks okay. Proofread the content and send yourself a test email to check how it appears in the inbox.

7. Select your target audience and send your bulk email

If you are not sending the bulk email to everyone on your contact list, select your target audience and send the proofread email campaign. You can choose to send the email immediately or later. You can also automate an email resend option for non-openers.

8. Monitor the performance of your email campaign

After using the software email to send your bulk email, you should check its performance after a few days. Good software will provide you with a dashboard showing the Emails sent, open, click, click-to-open, delivery, hard and soft bounce, and unsubscribe rates.


Bulk emailing is a great marketing strategy that can deliver significant returns on investment to your small business, but only if you do it right. Using the most appropriate email software with everything you need to customize your bulk email campaign is the best way to notify your clients of your upcoming new product releases, promotional sales, and more.

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