Wolfram Mathematica 12.2 It is a computational tool for engineers and scientists. This software is a tool for various mathematical calculations, including solving differential equations and complex integrations, as well as drawing a variety of two-dimensional and three dimensional diagrams. Features of this version of the software are to define automation and perform some defined algorithms. You can also define your own algorithms. Wolfram Mathematica software is one of the most complex mathematical calculation software that includes a high level programming language. This software has been published as a superpower of scientific and technical innovations, and has long been one of the best and most original software in the field of complex mathematical calculations. This software is used by students, university professors, researchers and and has been able to meet the needs of all of them at any level of knowledge.

Features of Wolfram Mathematica software:

– New geo-computing capabilities such as: TravelDirections, TravelDistance and… to calculate travel time, methods and related information

– New capabilities of AnatomyData and AnatomicalStructure types of translators for calculations and deployment with connection to Wolfram cloud

– Ability to copy, and identify specific items of individuals for more automated and efficient calculation to the group

– Support for random matrix distribution and random matrix properties

– Has adaptive operator forms such as GreaterThan, LessThan and study limits for test terms

– Understand natural advanced language with additional language data to manipulate strings of words and letters

– New date and time capability for representation and time zone management

– Symbolic support for solving partial differential equations and eigenproblems

– Easier network programming options for US host green card, IP address representation and socket connection

– Improved capabilities for processing and analyzing text and structure elements including definitions, parts of speech, translation and…

– Options to connect the new service to GoogleCalendar, GoogleContacts, and Yelp data, as well as to archive for scientific research

– Multiple improvements to the Wolfram core language and Wolfram system interface capability on desktop and in the cloud

Features added to the latest version:

– Restoration performance when sending a string using the Wolfram Symbol Transfer Protocol (WSTP)

– Improved stability to image processing capabilities, including Image3D, ColorConvert and HighlightImage

– Reduce the speed of settlement at the time of evaluation for intra-numerical functions

– Better tracking of undo dates and options using copy and paste

– More powerful import of video file formats, including JPEG and TIFF

– Repair expected behavior for some TravelDirections arguments

– Refined support for international language and translation, including Spanish spell review and Chinese search

– Many UI updates, including DynamicModule, ActionMenu

– Machine learning

– Audio and photography computing

– signal processing

– Partial solution of differential equations

– Symbolic and numerical calculus

– Calculation of algebra and number theory

– Analysis of charts and statistics

– Perform matrix operations


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“Wolfram Mathematica v12.2.0” :

For three decades, Mathematica has defined the state of the art in technical computing — and provided the principal computation environment for millions of innovators, educators, students, and others around the world. Widely admired for both its technical prowess and elegant ease of use, Mathematica provides a single integrated, continuously expanding system that covers the breadth and depth of technical computing — and seamlessly available in the cloud through any web browser

System Requirement

  • Windows 10
    Windows 8.1
    Windows 8
    Windows 7
    Windows Server 2012 Windows HPC Server 2008 R2
    Windows Server 2008 R2
    Processor: Intel Pentium Dual-Core or equivalent
    Disk Space: 14 GB
    System Memory (RAM): 2 GB + recommended
    Internet Access: Required in order to use online data sources from the Wolfram Knowledgebase


Wolfram Mathematica v12.2.0

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