WISE VisualCAM 16 is a powerful Manufacturing Engineering CAM software package that addresses the wide-ranging needs of EDA professionals. For the PCB layout engineer VisualCAM offers a complete set of Design Verification features. If you are a bare-board PCB engineer there is a full range of Manufacturing Verification and Tooling features available. Finally, VisualCAM rounds out its capabilities by offering Loaded-Board PCB engineers an array of Assembly Processing capabilities not typically found in competitive products. Regardless of your role in the design or manufacturing process, you can use VisualCAM to ensure the production of high-quality PCBs.

VisualCAM The WISE product is a computer- centric or CAM-based advanced software developed specifically for automation of electronic circuits or EDA development. This PCB design software delivers advanced features to electronic engineers. This software has a special graphical interface that simplifies the design and approval of circuit design. If you are a new engineer, this software will provide advanced features in a simple environment to verify the production and design of circuits. This software is also suitable for advanced users who need assembling processing facilities. Whether it’s your role in design, design, or production, you can use this software to build high quality electronic circuits.

Here are some key Features of “WISE VisualCAM v16.9.69” :

  • Fast import and visualization of standard PCB files including ++ ODB and IPC-2581
  • Access to all CAM data from advanced Navigator circuits and software measurement tools
  • Perform dynamic and DfM analyzes on over 75 pieces Different electronics
  • Checks on SMD, Thermal, Etch, Solar Mask, Silkscreen and NC
  • Mark Up for marking the PCB post-processing issue
  • Preparing projects for a fully automated production process like Solder & Paste and Stencil Design
  • Engineering reverse on the circuit to extract the Assembly Centroid with five different methods
  • single and multi-panel design Lightweight and even Flip Panels with Template Support
  • DocumentaryAll stages from initial design to automation and final production of circuits
  • Making tools or tooling files in Gerber, Drill, Mill and IPC-2581 formats.

System Requirement

  • System Requirements:
    – IBM PC-compatible with at least 1 GHz Pentium CPU
    – For best graphics display, 17 “or larger monitor with at least 1280 x 1024 resolution is recommended.
    – At least 512 MB of RAM and 30 MB of hard Disk space 
  • Operating Systems Supported:
    – Windows 7
    – Windows 8
    – Windows 10 
  • File Formats Supported:
    – Gerber 274-D & 274-X
    – Fire 9XXX
    – Barco DPF
    – DXF (AutoCAD 2000)
    – HPGL & HPGL / 2
    – ODB ++
    – ODB ++ (X)
    – IPC-2581 (OffSpring)
    – CAM350 v8.X (import)
    – PADS ASCII (import)
    – Excellon & Excellon 2
    – Sieb & Meyer
    – Takeuchi
    – IPC-D-350 (export)
    – IPC-D-356 & IPC-D-356A
    – PostScript (export)
    – Bitmap (export)
    – PNG (export)
    – JPG (export)
    – TIFF (export)


WISE VisualCAM v16.9.69

Download Here