Broken Link Detector 2.6 Pro To find broken links inside a website.

As you know, encountering a corrupted link, in addition to reducing the site’s SEO, it will surely be a bad experience for visitors to your website.

Nobody likes a broken link. It’s a bad experience for your web site visitors. Google recommends checking your site for broken links on a regular basis. Doing it manually would be a nightmare.

Broken Link Detector runs a comprehensive scan that checks for broken links.

Google always recommends checking your sites to find and fix corrupted links on a regular basis and get a negative rating if this search engine crashes with links to your site.

But as you know, checking out every single site link manually is definitely a daunting task that Broken Link Detector has made these reviews easier and more accurate for you.

Therefore, as a webmaster, you will need this essential tool to find and correct all corrupted links with a complete scan.

Here are some key features of “VovSoft Broken Link Detector v2.6“:

  • Find broken links on a site
  • Extract output results in the form of a CSV or Txt file
  • View the number of links reviewed and corrupted
  • An application tool for webmasters
  • High speed
  • Interface User-friendly

System Requirement

  • OS : Windows 7,8,10 32-bit and 64bit

Download VovSoft Broken Link Detector v2.6

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