Magnet Field 4 – This software has a variety of capabilities, such as the integration of Autodesk and Bentley data, the rapid exchange of information between the company and the target environment for mapping operations, and so on.

Topcon MAGNET Field enables you to collect mapping data and run road construction projects using GNSS stations, levels and receivers. MAGNET Field performs leveling and topographic operations with the support of satellite images of Microsoft Bing Maps easily.

MAGNET Field is a powerful and intuitive field application software that allows you to collect survey mapping data and perform construction and road layout using total stations, levels, and GNSS receivers.

MAGNET Field is easy to use. Perform topographic and layout operations with a supportive Microsoft Bing Maps satellite image background.

Carry your custom CAD standards into the field with a single tap tap; the software will instantly draw three dimensional linework and symbols.

Here are some key features of “Magnet Field v4.1.2“:

  • Includes intuitive user interface
  • Advanced toolkit for road building calculations
  • Includes huge bookshops of input and output file formats
  • Ability to calculate and measure the line spacing in color schemes and Level comparisons
  • Level configuration with the creation of the Digital Terrain Model Auto
  • Compact and color-coded indicators as well as sound volume calculations
  • Direct connection to your private company account for easy data exchange and quick chat

System Requirement

  • OS : Windows 7,8,10 32-bit and 64bit

Download Magnet Field v4.1.2

Download Here