Ventsim Design Premium 5 is an underground mine ventilation simulation software package designed to simulate ventilation, airflows, pressure, heat, gases, financials, radon, fire, and many other types of ventilation data from a tunnel and shaft model. Ventsim Premium is the advanced software for simulating and modeling a variety of compressible and incompressible flows and air conditioning systems that allow engineers to design suitable air conditioning systems in mines and underground, calculate the density of currents and calculate the angle Define fans. The software also features other features such as moisture prediction, calculation of heat and temperature dynamics, fire simulation, prediction of heat distribution, calculation of radon radiation on workers, and collection of ventilation data.

Here are some key Features of “Ventsim Design Premium v5.2.5.5” :

  • Hardware Acceleration – A fast, smooth 3D display of any complexity on most modern computers.
  • Animated airflows and fans. – Airflows to move in real time through the network.
  • Metric / Imperial units. Can be mixed if required.
  • DXF Import – Import and export of centres and solids from CAD packages for rapid building of Ventsim networks
  • Up to 60,000 network airways
  • Variable speed and reversible fans – fans can be reversed with reduced performance for emergency simulation.
  • Distributon prediction – distribute smoke or other contaminants through a network
  • Sourcing concentration – show upstream paths and concentrations of contaminated (or fresh) airflow
  • Compressible Flows – Compressible airflows effects at depth are Modelled
  • Thermodynamic environmental simulation
  • Heating and Cooling – includes heat or refrigeration options in network analysis
  • Rock Thermal Input – predicts heat and moisture Eminated from rock strata
  • Diesel Equipment – predicts heat and humidity generated by diesel equipment
  • Natural ventilation – uses thermodynamics to simulate natural ventilation effects
  • Dynamic blasting – Blasting fume – Dynamic spread spread and clean time dispersion
  • Diesel Particulate Simulation – Utility diesel engine sources to estimate DPM levels throughout the mine
  • Dynamic Heat and Gas Distribution – Individual heat and gas time-based simulation and spread through a model with graphing.
  • Radon Simulation
  • Predicted worker exposure levels based on radon emission rates from different areas, and the length of time the gas is allowed to remain in the atmosphere based on your ventilation design.
  • VentLog ™ – Ventsim ™ models
  • LiveView ™ Module – Ventsim ™ module to connect to external data and display and simulate real time data
  • VentFRE ™ Module – Ventsim ™ module to utilize dynamic simulation to predict fire heat, gases and flow direction

S ystem Requirement

  • Minimum Configuration:
    – Intel based (AMD or Intel) processor, 1 Ghz or higher
    – Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, 8.1 or 10, 32-bit or 64-bit
    – 2GB of RAM
    – 100MB Hard drive free space
    – DirectX 9.0 c compatible graphics (Intel Integrated Graphics)
    – Two-button mouse 
  • Recommended Configuration:
    – Intel-based (AMD or Intel) dual-core processor, 2 Ghz or higher
    – Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 10 (64-bit)
    – 4GB of RAM or higher
    – SSD Hard Drive
    – Dedicated / Discrete Graphics Card from Intel, ATI or NVIDIA with more than 128MB or RAM. Intel Core i processors (generally sold from 2010 onwards) now have reasonable graphic power and perform well with Ventsim without a dedicated graphics card.
    – Two2Button mouse with Centre scroll / click wheel
    – Officially supported on Apple Mac computers Ventsim Visual ™ is not, it has been confirmed However that is capable of running on newer Macbooks Ventsim Visual ™ dual-boot or under Windows ™ virtualisation software Parallels.
    – Ventsim can work with Windows 8/10 touchscreen tablets. Click on the TABLET mode in Ventsim to optimize touch control. 
  • Ideal Configuration:
    – Windows 10 (64-bit); 8GB of RAM or more; Dedicated 1GB + NVIDIA or ATI graphics card.


Ventsim Design Premium v5.2.5.5

Download Here