Schlumberger Flaresim v6.0.0.64 and simulation of standard burners in the industry. This software is specially designed by experienced people in the field to be useful to professional engineers dealing with flames. Flaresim can simulate the thermal radiation and noise emitted by flammable systems, such as offshore platforms, gas plants, refineries and chemical plants, and predict the temperature of exposed surfaces within the flame range. . This software can analyze the installation of all types of flammable systems with any complexity. Users can model pipe burners, acoustic burners and liquid burners using a range of tools and algorithms that this software provides.

Flaresim is the industry standard flare simulation / design application. Designed by professional engineers, it models thermal radiation and noise footprints generated by flare systems for offshore platforms, gas plants, refineries and chemical plants, and predicts the temperature of exposed surfaces within range.

The application can analyze installations of any complexity, with unlimited multiple flare tips on multiple vertical, horizontal or inclined flare stacks. Users can model pipe flares, sonic flares and liquid burners using a range of algorithms. They can also enter and report data in units of their choice, and can convert data to other units at any time.

Flaresim provides full 3D flame-shape analysis with complete flexibility in the location and orientation of multiple stacks, and rapid evaluation of flare systems under different wind speeds and directions. Shield options can be included.

Working from the opposite perspective, Flaresim allows you to design stack or boom lengths to meet specific radiation, noise or surface-temperature limits at defined receptor points.

Flaresim includes gas dispersion models for both jet dispersion of flammable gases close to the stack and Gaussian dispersion of pollutants at longer distances.

The output from Flaresim is highly customizable, and you can select either summary or detailed output. Flaresim has a user-friendly interface and incorporates context-sensitive help at every stage for user guidance.

Here are some key Features of “Schlumberger Flaresim v6.0.0.64” :

  • – Design of flame systems for offshore platforms, gas power plants, refineries and chemical plants
    – Complete flexibility analysis of three-dimensional burners
    – Rapid evaluation of flame systems Under different wind speeds and directions
    – Torch modeling with a range of acoustic, pipefull and steam or air
    tips – Acoustic systems, pipefull and air or steam tips
    – Working with liquid flame systems
    – Fractional prediction the heat from the flames of hydrocarbon fluids with different types of flames
    – a wide variety of algorithms to calculate the heat radiation
    – Analysis of the full three-dimensional shape of the flame with complete flexibility in the specific location and orientation multiple stacks
    – Dynamic calculation option for evaluating results at different times
    – Calculation of thermal radiation dose received over a period of time
    – Calculation of combustion gas composition
    – Calculation of required flue gas flow
    – Ability to define several environmental scenarios for rapid evaluation of flame system performance at speed and for various wind
    – calculation of radiation, noise and temperature levels in the range of multiple receivers
    – outlining the results of the network as Ayzvplt lines for sterile surface
    – customizable HTML reports
    – Reports graphics adjustable

System Requirement

  • Flaresim is valid to run under Windows 7, 8 and 10. It should also run on earlier versions such as Vista and XP but has not been tested for this. Under 64-bit versions of Windows it runs as a 32-bit application. A PC on which you want to run Flaresim should have at least 1Gb of RAM, and should also have a USB port for connecting to Flaresim security key.


Schlumberger Flaresim v6.0.0.64

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