SAP PowerDesigner v16.6.6.5721 SP06

SAP PowerDesigner v16.6.6.5721 SP06


SAP PowerDesigner 16.6.6 Today, modeling is used as an important part in all organs, industries and systems, in fact, reducing the costs of modeling, which reduces the cost of testing and initial production and increases productivity. SAP PowerDesigner is a powerful data modeling tool developed by Sybase, one of the largest software engineering tool companies . The software also supports the UML modeling language and outputs 60 different databases. Gives. This software can also interact with most programming environments such as .NET, Java, Eclipse, etc.

SAP PowerDesigner software is primarily for designing and implementing databasesIt has applications and you can control the database and one of its advantages is that you can connect to SQL Server and work as a tool with the database, this very useful software is a leading tool in modeling and management Data is used to create data models, information architecture and organizational architecture, analysis and change management in data design and management. With this software you can draw and model ERD diagrams, engineering studentsSoftware and computer science are well acquainted with this software and now you can download the final version of this valuable software for free and with a direct link. Features of SYBASE POWERDESIGNER software: Connection to all programming models, simple modeling based on basic and professional principles, reducing error testing time, increasing productivity, ability to connect to all databases.

Create view 360 degrees of assets key
Implementation of data on the best way to manage the flow of information between all phases of the business
Recording, speech management and to share all levels of metadata
Provide information consistent, time and place needed, to improve decision -making
Implementation of governance and accountability in the assets of key data and support compliance of regulations
Ability to share and transfer information with high security
Support the needs of productivity and collaboration and transparency
Leverage asset information to support the goals of the business and strategy

“SAP PowerDesigner v16.6.6.5721 SP06”

PowerDesigner is a leading SAP application management for architecture, data and architecture information and architectural organization and modeling data. It can interact with most programming environments such as .NET, Java, Eclipse, and more. SAP PowerDesigner software is primarily used for database design and implementation, and you can fully control your database. With SAP PowerDesigner you can also draw and model ERD charts.

System Requirement

  • Supported OS : Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor : Pentium IV or higher
  • RAM : 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
  • HDD : 200 MB or more


SAP PowerDesigner v16.6.6.5721 SP06

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