PVS-Studio 7 performs static code analysis and generates a report that helps a programmer to find and fix bugs. PVS-Studio performs a wide range of code checks, it is also useful to search for misprints and copy-paste errors. Examples of such errors: V501, V517, V522, V523, V3001.The main value of static analysis is in its regular use, so that the errors are identified and fixed at the earliest stages. There is no point in wasting 50 hours looking for a bug that could be found with static analysis. So, let’s point out that again – the main idea of ​​static analysis is not to find one hidden bug on the day before the release, but fix dozens of bugs day by day.

PVS-Studio is a static analysis software for detecting errors in source code C / C ++ / C ++ 11 programs. This software is added after installing in Visual Studio and helps the programmer to fix and fix it. With this software, you will be able to find and correct errors such as general error, parallax error and 64-bit error. The analysis process of this software is fully controlled by the individual and if the developer decides if it needs change.

Here are some key Features of “PVS-Studio v7.01.31225” :

  • Preinstall in Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013-2015
  • Documentation in PDF format
  • Code analysis capability
  • Ability to save and analyze it
  • Run through command line
  • Support for Windows Data Model (LLP64) and Linux (LP64)
  • Supports a variety of processors

System Requirement

  • Software Requirements
    – Windows 10 (32/64-bit)
    – Windows 8.1 (32/64 bit)
    – Windows 8 (32/64-bit)
    – Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
    – Windows Vista (Service Pack 1 or later, 32/64 bit)
    – Windows XP (Service Pack 3 or later, 32-bit only)


PVS-Studio v7.01.31225

Download Here