Adobe After Effects 2022 is a new version of this special effects giant just released by Adobe. A new series of this software also uses 4D effects. Project sharing between computers and easy access between shared files is another feature of Adobe After Effects CC software.

The Edge tool in this software preserves the details of separating background elements. VFX tools are used for image stabilization and accurate photo editing. When editing a movie, you can change how the camera looks and manage your projects from different angles. If you accidentally close the project with this software, the contents of the processing file will remain constant when you open the software.

Most After Effects CCs are famous for their CineWare plug-ins. The CineWare plug-in is a plug-in that allows you to import the entire project used by Cinema 4d software into After Effects and do the work you need to do in your project. To use this plug-in, you need a good system that can simultaneously display your projects in high quality in the After Effects environment. After Effects CineWare is a single layer that you can import into your project.

Here are some key features of “Adobe After Effects 2022 v22.1.1.174”:

  • Ability to use file three other software
  • Refine Edge tool
  • Warp Stabilizer with new features
  • camera tracking with the new ones
  • Optimized system cache performance
  • optimization and acceleration performance
  • New pixel motion crystal system
  • 2D and 3D text and shape layers
  • Essential software
  • Accurate and deep color
  • Motion control tool
  • New user interface
  • Preset animation stations
  • Support for precise audio frame
  • Support for various media

System Requirement

The current version of After Effects (22.0) only supports Cinema 4D vR24 (installer included). However, the latest Cinema 4D vR25 is compatible with After Effects versions earlier than 22.0. If your workflow requires features only available in Cinema 4D R25, please use After Effects 2021 (version 18.4 or above). Support for R25-only features in After Effects 2022 will be available in a future update.


  • System requirements for After Effects
    Operating system :
    Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit) versions 1909 and later.RAM
    Minimum : 16 GB of RAM
    Recommended : 32 GB recommended

    Minimum : 2 GB of GPU VRAM
    Adobe strongly recommends updating to NVIDIA driver 472.12 or later when using After Effects. Drivers prior to this have a known issue which can lead to a crash.
    Note: If you use a Windows 11 machine with NVIDIA GPUs, you must upgrade to version 472.12 to work.


  • Recommended : 4GB or more of GPU VRAM recommendedHard disk space :
    Minimum :
    15GB of available hard-disk space; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on removable flash storage devices)

    Recommended :
    Additional disk space for disk cache (64GB+ recommended)

    Monitor resolution
    1920 x 1080
    Recommended : 1920×1080 or greater display resolution

Download Adobe After Effects 2022 v22.1.1.174

Download Here