ProfiCAD v11.0.4

ProfiCAD v11.0.4


ProfiCAD 11.0 This software is designed to design electrical, electronic diagrams, control circuits as well as to design pneumatic, hydraulic circuits and other types of technical diagrams. This software is one of the simplest CAD software for designing electrical circuits. Maximum use of different ergonomics is considered to facilitate the use of this software. Using this software, you just have to put the electrical symbols inside the software space, which is known as the Draw space, and connect the wires. You can easily draw your circuits using pre-designed tools and components. ProfiCAD software can meet all the needs of users by using tools with more than a thousand symbols.

You can easily create your own symbols in the symbol editor or create them using different tools. Support for automatic sign counting, network list generation, wire list, material bills, road wire design and advanced features make it a very useful software. Other features of ProfiCAD software include: a basic software but with a simple user interface based on CAD for drawing and designing electrical circuits, with maximum power for ergonomics accuracy and ease of use, easy to use for everyone without any knowledge. It is necessary to place only the symbol in the map and the software automatically performs the original design. Professional editor, drawing all kinds of wiring, etc. mentioned.
Overview of ProfiCAD 11 Features

The easiest CAD for electrical circuits. Maximum care was paid to ergonomics and ease of use. Just place electrical symbols into the drawing and attach the wires.
Ships with more than one thousand symbols. You can easily create your own symbols in the symbols editor or have them drawn for you for a fee.
Supports automatic numbering of symbols, generation of netlists, lists of wires, bills of material, drawing of striped wires and further advanced features.
The program supports cross references between wires and between symbols belonging to one component (eg relay coil + contacts). A linked symbol on a different page can be accessed by clicking on the cross reference.

“ProfiCAD v11.0.4”

ProfiCAD is a software for drawing schematic and diagrams of electrical and electronic circuits. With this program he designed a variety of control circuits. You will also be able to draw different technical diagrams, such as pneumatic and hydraulic diagrams. One of the prominent features of this product is its simplicity. The simplicity in the toolbar and the icons represent the components. Simplicity in arranging menus, simply putting items on the page and connecting them to each other. All this is easy to do in this program. You just have to select or drag on the screen from the toolbar. Then assemble the pieces using the wire to complete the circuit.

System Requirement

  • Windows XP + SP3, Vista, Windows 7 – 10, .NET4, 15 MB of disk space


ProfiCAD v11.0.4

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