PhotoMesh Fuser 7 is software has greatly facilitated this and will automatically create 3D mesh models of 2D images.

This superb software combines two unmatched comparisons and high precision to give the user the right precision 3D models that are close to reality.

The function of the tiling mechanism and the grid computing provided in this software has made the PhotoMesh even support data that is constantly increasing in size.

Other features of this software include the correct, accurate and fast operation, which results in the production of fully detailed 3D models.

In this software, to create a three-dimensional mesh model, powerful compression algorithms prevent unwanted loss of geometric precision, and the advanced color balance technology of this software helps to create unified and near-realistic models. do.

Here are some key features of “PhotoMesh Fuser v7.5.1.3634”:

  • automated build three-dimensional models of urban development and construction of images in two dimensions, such as aerial photos / geo
  • performance and high precision in production models
  • support the computing network of (Grid computing) to Accelerate operations using multiple computers simultaneously
  • Use of multi-system resources to deliver operational load and reduce processing time
  • Build 3D mesh models
  • High-quality modeling of texture
  • Combine different resolution resolution datagorts
  • Compress algorithms Powerful
  • Generate 3D models of GPS on any coordinate system
  • Compatible with TerraExplorer
  • Generates a point cloud with partial color information that can be used in most point cloud analysis software
  • Reconstruction of model elements with dimensions from cm to kilometer
  • Full compatibility with CityBuilder

System Requirement

  • Operating System : Windows 7/8/10 /, Windows® Server 2012 R2 – 64-bit required.
  • System Memory: 16 GB RAM (32 GB recommended).
  • Processor : 4 cores (8 cores recommended). PhotoMesh works best in a multi-core environment and can use multiple CPU’s and hyper-threaded processors.
  • Video Card : 1GB of video memory (2 GB or more recommended). Pixel and vertex shader v3.0.

Download PhotoMesh Fuser v7.5.1.3634

Download Here