Whole Tomato Visual Assist X 10 as an extension to Microsoft Visual Studio, it helps developers and developers who use this IDE to perform better and faster when working with Visual Studio. This plugin comes with the help of programmers by doing things like auto-completion and checking codes, and doing some debug and corruption operations. One of the features that this plugin offers is “code rebuilding,” which eliminates some of the complexity of the code (such as unicode nesting codes) in order to improve readability of written code. Fast navigation and convenient navigation is another feature that the plugin provides to work on any part of the project so that it can easily access any file, method, symbol, or reference at another location, or code Easily moved.

Here are some key Features of “Whole Tomato Visual Assist X v10.9.2333.0” :

  • Easier navigation and fast code migration
  • Code reconstruction to reduce the complexity of nested codes and improve code readability
  • Fast code completion
  • Code correction, especially for symbols and pointer errors
  • Detection And fixing common programming errors
  • Checks code based on LLVM / Clang
  • Help Debug (error) in C ++ / C codes
  • The ability to configure Visual Assist X based on a person’s programming style

System Requirement

  • Supported Microsoft IDEs
    – Visual Studio 2019
    – Visual Studio 2017
    – Visual Studio 2015
    – Visual Studio 2013
    – Visual Studio 2012
    – Visual Studio 2010
    – Visual Studio 2008
    – Visual Studio 2005
    – Community Editions supported
    – Older IDEs
  • Supported Operating Systems (x86 and x64)
    – Windows 10
    – Windows 8.1
    – Windows 8
    – Windows 7


Whole Tomato Visual Assist X v10.9.2333.0

Download Here


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