Personal Knowbase 4 is a software for organizing free-form information using keywords. Build a personal knowledge base of all your notes, messages, and ideas.

Store and index your information in one place for easy retrieval using keywords that you choose.

The attachment features even associates disk files and Internet addresses with your notes, so you can access any computerized information using the same set of keywords.

Storing and maintaining a large number of files and text documents on the system makes it difficult to access and search.

Especially since users can not remember the title of all the articles, and there are no other tools that allow them to quickly refer to their document, helping out a tool for easy management and easy access to large volumes of articles, becoming one Necessity is needed.

Personal Knowbase is a software application for managing and organizing all the articles, notes and text documents using keywords, using which you can create a personal knowledge base of all your notes, messages and ideas.

Save your information to easily find and locate the keywords you choose. The ability to attach even system files and Internet addressesIt connects with your notes, so you can access any computer data using the same set of keywords.

Here are some key features of “Personal Knowbase v4.1.2”:

  • Reduced collapse and disorder in documents
  • Hard disk space storage
  • Free disk space by combining small text files
  • Collect related information together
  • Find information easily
  • Protect information Private with your password
  • refer to your notes with links

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7/98 / 2k / Me / XP / Vista

Download Personal Knowbase v4.1.2

Download Here



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